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Cultural Heritage

3D scanning Service for Heritage

3D Services for Cultural Heritage & Arts

We provide 3D scans of archaeological artifacts, statues and sculptures, architectural elements and Marble/Granite Ornaments. Thanks to our Non-Contact 3D scanning systems we are able to 3D digitize rapidly small & large objects with all their details and features. If required, 3D scans can also include the colour texture at 24-megapixels resolution.

Onsite 3D Scanning

We offer both on-site 3D service and 3D scanning at our workshop based in Dartford. Here are a list of artistic objects we typically deal with:

  • Small & Big sculptures
  • Bas-Reliefs & High-Reliefs
  • Capitals & Bases
  • Archaeological Artifacts
  • Bones & Prehistoric Fossils
  • Rock Stones & Minerals
  • Columns
  • Engravings

3D Scanning for Geology

The Olsen/Enterprise meteorite is a nickel/iron trailing fragment from the meteorite that created a Meteor Crater in Arizona. It weighs 3869 grams.It was acquired by Paul Olsen in 1978 whilst he was airbrushing the pearl surface of the Starship Enterprise for the first Star Trek movie: (Star Trek: the Motion Picture directed by Robert Wise). The meteorite is 4.55 billion years old…older than the Earth

Car Door 3D scanning

Antique Bronze Roman Head

Roman bronze head 3D scanning

Bass-Relief 3D scanning

bass relief 3d scanning

Wooden handcrafted frame 3D Scan

wooden handcrafted frame

Wrought-Iron Balustrade 3D Scan + R.E.

Brass Ornament 3D Scan


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