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dental 3D scanning service

3D Services for Biomedical Industry

In using our Non-Contact 3D scanners and its resultant 3D mesh files (Typically STL/OBJ), we can Reverse Engineer a part efficiently to generate a watertight 3D model from a physical 3D scanned object. With our experience with 3D Scanning and  Reverse Engineering ThinkScan Solutions has many techniques that may aid your goals. Regarding Biomedical industry we are able to CAD redesign a wide range of medical devices and 3D scanning a variety of objects such as Dental Impressions & Abutments, Titanium Prosthetics, Heart Valve and Orthotics Insoles.  

Onsite 3D Scanning

We offer both on-site 3D service and 3D scanning at our workshop based in Dartford. Here is a list of biomedical components we typically deal with:

  • Dental Impressions
  • Implants & Dental Abutments
  • Face & Body scanning
  • Medical Devices Reverse Engineering
  • Orthopedic Bust
  • Orthotics & Insoles
  • Hip prosthesis
  • Hands & Feet

Body & Face 3D Scanning

We perform Professional 3D scanning of body parts and face by using our Non-Contact optical 3D scanners (safe for eyes). The 3D file obtained from 3D scan can be edited in many ways in order to produce a watertight 3D mesh file ready to be  3D printed Get in touch if you need more information.

Face w/Texture
Face (No Texture)

Dental Abutment

dental abutment

Dental Abutment 3D Scan Data (STL)

dental Abutment 3d scan data

Medical Device Reverse Engineering

medical device 3D reverse engineering

Humerus bone 3D Scan + R.E.


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  • +44 01474 550 934
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