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Reverse Engineering Training Course

At Thinkscan we provide CAD training for a wide range of 3D CAD software including Geomagic Design X (Reverse Engineering), Control X (Inspection) and SolidWorks (3D Modelling). For more information, Get in Touch

Geomagic Design X Course for Automotive Aerospace, Industrial Design Biomedical, Mechanics, Art & Heritage

A standard course includes these topics:

  • How a 3D scanner works. (Fringe Projection, Laser scanning, Photogrammetry) 
  • 3D Mesh generation (STL/OBJ file)
  • Point Cloud & Mesh processing
  • How to create a watertight STL mesh
  • 3D scan data alignments
  • 3D scan data healing & restoration
  • Auto-surfacing workflow (R.E.)
  • Spline-Patching workflow (R.E.)
  • Parametric (R.E.) workflow
  • 2D & 3D Sketching
  • 3D Surfacing techniques
  • Hybrid 3D Reverse Engineering
  • Retopology from scanned data (Subdivision Surfaces)
  • Inspection & Dimensional Control
  • Comparison CAD Nominal > 3D Scan data
  • Creating Dimensional Reports
  • Exporting data (Iges, Step, Parasolid etc.)
  • File preparation for Additive 3D Printing, CAE/FEA Data
Reverse Engineering Training Course Example


Workshop Address

  •  2 Green Str. Green Rd, DA2 8DP
  • +44 01474 550 934
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