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Terms & Conditions

What we can 3D scan

  • Items from 5mm up to 3 meters

  • Metal & precision parts

  • Plastc parts & Moulds

  • Granite, marble e stone parts

  • Wooden parts

  • Car bonnet, bumpers, rims

  • Impellers, propellers, turbofan

  • Sculptures & bass relief

  • Shoe lasts, soles & heels

How the 3D scan service works

  • In order to get a quote please email us at info@thinkscan.co.uk any information relevant to the project (please also attach some photos or pdf to better evaluate the project)

  • Quickly we will send you an official quote that contains both price and lead time

  • You can deliver personally or send the item at our facility by courier. If the item to be scanned is too large or heavy we can arrange the 3d scanning stage at your premises

  • We 3D scan & mesh the part. If required we will convert the scan data into CAD 3D model (Iges, Step, Parasolid etc.)

  • After that, you can collect the part directly at our office or have the part collected by your own courier

  • We will email you a secure link to download the scan data, CAD file etc. Attached you will also receive the invoice


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Bromley South | United Kingdom

Phone: +44 01474.550.934
Email: info@thinkscan.co.uk
Company Reg No: 06961428
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Skype: thinkscan3d
whatsapp: 07340567026

Terms & Conditions